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Delta's basic economy luggage policy is the same as its traditional main cabin whichallows for a personal item as well as one complimentary carry-on bag. View photos More (This is how basic economy is presented on Delta's website.Delta) American and United both recommend its basic economy passengers check their bags at the counter upon arrival at the airport. Those basic economy passengers who bring their luggage to the boarding area will have their bags gate checked and will be assessed the standard checked bag fee along with a $25 gate handling fee. (Expect to pay at least $50 for this.) To reduce the likelihood of confusion, United will make online check-in available only to passengers who qualify for free carry-on bags or have paid to check their luggage. In addition, basic economy ticket holders will not be able to pre-select seats at the time of purchase and will be assigned a seat at check-in. Furthermore, any post-purchase refunds and changes to a ticket are prohibited as are paid upgrades for priority boarding and premium cabin access. Finally, basic economy fare holders will also be the last passengers to board the aircraft. View photos More (American Airlines basic economy versus main cabin.American Airlines) American will begin offering basic economy fares on February 10, while United's basic economy will enter service in the second quarter. Only Delta's less-restrictive basic economy is already up and running. When booking on Delta's website, those who select basic economy are presented with a pop-up outlining the differences and restrictions of the fare class. The customer cannot complete the transaction without acknowledging previous that he or she has read the disclaimer.

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